Arna Aluminum manufacturer of aluminum sections and profiles

Arna Aluminium

Arna Aluminum Factory from ordering products to delivery products:

Ordering Unit

Customers’ orders will be taken online or by phone, and after passing official levels will be send to manufacturing unit.

Manufacturing Unit

In this unit, orders will be produce by Extrusion machine according to customers’ orders.

colouring & packaging

According to customers’ orders, aluminum profiles will be powder-coating and packaging with the best quality.

Products Delivery

After passing three previous levels by taking license from QC and financial units, products will be deliver.

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Arna Aluminium

Arna Aluminum undertakes all kinds of section profiles with assurance of best quality by implementing latest technological devices and leading aluminum services in this field.
Arna Aluminum manufacturer of aluminum sections and profiles

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  • Quality
  • Power of a product
  • After sales
  • Rock bottom price

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About Us

The Arna Aluminum is an achievement by a hard-working complex that has enabled to implement up-to-date standards in its huge products and has produced different kinds of aluminum sections with a global standard and high quality. Our best high quality aluminum products reach more than 10 tons a day, and our advanced machines are capable of producing all types of aluminum sections including thermal break and dyeing aluminum, and anodizing aluminum


Aluminum Services

Production of exclusive frames
  • Aluminum profile production services from exclusive custom personalized customers
  • Operating on trust and designing lasting relationship with our clients.
Color services and labeling
  • Different varieties of electrostatic color services
  • Specialized profile labeling of colleagues and customers

Power production of aluminum profiles
  • Production of different kinds of specialized profiles, zebra blind profile, frames of automatic doors, refrigerated profile, aluminum roller shutter profile

Designing and making frames
  • Designing and making different kinds of industry frames for producing sections in this complex.


Arna Aluminium

Arna Aluminum, Symbols of Quality, Power and Superiority

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